Wood Species

Wood – warm, inviting, enduring, solid rich natural beauty! Our wooden cabinet doors display the signs of superior elegance, craftsmanship, and durability.

The finest wood doors available are produced right here in Atlantic Canada and we are pleased to support local industry. Standard wood types are oak, birch, maple, cherry and black walnut. Other exotic species like bamboo, mahogany and zebrawood are available upon request.

The choice of wood is for those with a free spirit, no two trees; boards or doors are alike! Door components are chosen for consistency but differences will be inherent in the nature of wood. Enjoy It! Revel In It!


Colour: Red Oak – ranges from nearly white cream colour to a beautiful warm, pale brown heartwood, tinted with red.
Grain: The grain is distinguished by rays, which reflect light and add to its attractiveness.
Characteristics: Heavy, very strong and very hard, durable under exposure, great wear-resistance.
Finishing: Oaks can be stained beautifully with a wide range of finish tones.


Colour: Cream to light reddish-brown.
Grain: Usually straight-grained and sometimes found with highly figured bird’s-eye or burl grain. Bird’s-eye resembles small circular or elliptical figures. Clusters of round curls are known as burl.
Characteristics: Heavy, hard, strong, close-grained and possesses a uniform texture. Maple has excellent resistance to abrasion and indentation.
Finishing: Takes stain satisfactorily and polishes well.


Colour: Cream or lightly tinged with red.
Grain: Fine grained (often curly or wavy).
Characteristics: Heavy, strong, hard, and even-textured.
Finishing: Birch takes paints and stains well.


Colour: Rich, reddish-brown. Cherry darkens considerably with age and exposure to sunlight.
Grain: Straight-grained and satiny. Small gum pockets produce distinctive markings.
Characteristics: Light, strong and rather hard. Cherry’s grain is more subdued than some other hardwood species, with very interesting character.
Finishing: Cherry is unsurpassed in its finishing qualities-its uniform texture takes a finish very well.

Black Walnut

Colour: This specie’s native colour fluctuates from dark brown to a purplish black. Occasionally, portions of the wood may exhibit light brown streaks.
Grain: Grain patterns range from straight to varied, providing striking depth when finished in natural to lighter tones.
Characteristics: Tough wood of medium density; generally straight grain; medium coarse texture.
Finishing: Unsurpassed in finishing! Accepts natural wood finishes especially well.